We have conducted years of research in perfecting the design of our synthetic slings- and the R&D continues to this day. With our 3,000 metric ton test bed, FS has a unique ability to prove our design concepts and our sling development program has earned unparalleled credibility from the industry.

Technical Properties

Property  Value
Relative Density : 0.95-0.99 g/cm3   (Floats in water)
Elastic Modulus : 17 to 20 GPa
   Depending upon sling size
Elongation : At WLL: approximately  1 to 2% (depending upon safety factor)
  At breaking load: approximately 2 to 3%
Maximum Working Temperature : 65 Degrees Celsius
Minimum Working Temperature : -50 Degrees Celsius
Ultraviolet (UV) Light Resistance : Excellent
Creep resistance : Moderate at low temperatures (<30 Deg C)
Water resistance : Excellent


KLX - Lifting Sling